Coach Ron Wolforth's New Athletic Pitcher

Coach Ron Wolforth, of the Texas Baseball Ranch and Pitching Central, has taken his 27 Years of Experience and developed the most dynamic and versatile training program that is guaranteed to improve a pitcher’s velocity, command, mobility, flexibility, strength and durability

Discover The “Cutting Edge” Pitching Program That Will Instantly Add An Average of 6.7 MPH To YOUR Velocity In Just 12 Weeks...

And Has Helped Pitchers All Across The Country Gain 12+ MPH In Less Than a Year

STOP trying to fit your pitching game into a “one-size-fits-all” training program!

Baseball Coach Ron Wolforth from Baseball Ranch in Montgomery, Texas
Coach Ron Wolforth

Coach Ron Wolforth's NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Training Program teaches you how to:

  • Diagnose your pitching game

  • Identify the individual constraints that are currently holding YOU back from being an exceptional pitcher…

  • Create a powerfully unique and highly accurate training program to address (and improve) each individual constraint...

  • All without handicapping your game, putting you at risk of injury – and most importantly - without losing any of your personal style...

St. Louis Cardinals Pitching Instructor Brent Strom

"The original "Athletic Pitcher™" program was groundbreaking for velocity enhancement. Ron Wolforth's new program goes way beyond that.  

The strength of what happens on a daily basis at the Texas Baseball Ranch is the continuing search for the best throwing and conditioning information available from reliable sources. 

The "New Athletic Pitcher™" DVD series is an easy to understand compilation of those sources. I strongly recommend this series if you are serious about your son's health and ongoing development as a thrower and pitcher."  

Brent Strom
Pitching Instructor
St. Louis Cardinals 

Flint WallaceThe "New Athletic Pitcher™" is the most comprehensive program on pitching that I have ever seen.

Not only does it show you the most practical, fundamental sound way to address issues in your pitching delivery, it is absolutely the best program for arm health and durable.

On top of all that, The "New Athletic Pitcher™" program is truly revolutionary in the way it shows you how to prepare physically for the demands of pitching.

I use the program to prepare all my pitchers at Weatherford College, because the bottom line is, IT GETS RESULTS!!!

Flint Wallace
Pitching Coach
Weatherford College

The Biggest Lie in Baseball:
You Can Only Throw As Hard As Your “Gene Pool” Will Allow

I've got a confession to make to all you pitchers, coaches and parents out there...

I once believed a player had to have “it” in order to become a star pitcher... and I honestly believed you were either born with “it” - or you weren't.

But today the thought that it's “all about your genes” makes me laugh

Over the course of my 27 years coaching and training players, I have witnessed pitchers – from little league to professional baseball – make amazing transformations in their game

And NONE of these transformations had anything to do with their genes.

  • I have seen really solid pitchers – with just a few minor trouble spotscompletely lose their athleticism and their mental game. All because they tried to use the old, conventional, “one-size-fits-all” training programs... and it killed their “magic”.

  • And I have personally helped some pretty troubled pitchers identify all their trouble spots, eliminate their constraints and become truly exceptional pitchers (who landed the attention of big-name scouts and college coaches).

Over the years, I completely changed my mind on “conventional” training and techniques...
And now I want to change your mind, too...

Back in 1999 I started realizing that ANY PITCHER can improve their velocity, speed, control, mobility, flexibility and strength.

When I changed my mindset and stopped believing the old, conventional way was the only way... truly amazing things started to happen at my Baseball Ranch in Montgomery, Texas.

Trevor Bauer
The #3 overall draft pick in this year's draft
(drafted by the Arizona Diamondbacks)

The Results We Achieved:

  • 56 of our athletes have been drafted

  • 4 Major League Pitchers

  • 102 pitchers have touched 90 MPH

  • 16 have touched 95 MPH

  • 2 have touched 100 MPH

With The NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program You Can Prove To The World You Are More Than
A Set of Genetic Blueprints

You too CAN become a better pitcher. You can become a stronger, more explosive pitcher.

And I can promise you one thing… you can start playing at a level that most of your other coaches and trainers don’t believe is possible for you to play at.

Believe me; I have seen it happen over and over again.

Let me give you the PROOF:

“Without a doubt the “NEW Athletic Pitcher™” program materials and dvd's are your best piece of work to date. I began my review last night about 8:30 and before I knew it the clock said 6:30am.

Thanks for your continued efforts.”

Mike Maundrell

"Coach Wolforth has done it again. His “NEW Athletic Pitcher™” Program is terrific. 

It allows each pitcher to determine what is constraining him and then provides specific ways to improve that constraint. 

The “NEW Athletic Pitcher™” grows with you as you develop as a pitcher.  That's powerful! 

I have watched my son make significant movement, strength and velocity gains through his work with Coach Wolforth and the “NEW Athletic Pitcher™” Program. 

I recommend this program to ever serious baseball family I meet."

Jack Sells
Nashville, TN

The "NEW Athletic Pitcher™" Program

The "NEW Athletic Pitcher™" Program is an absolute and complete rejection of the “one-size-fits-all” mentality.

The “NEW Athletic Pitcher”™ Program celebrates individuality and freedom.

I know there’s NO pitching program that will fit everyone... I don't even believe that there is a pitching program that will fit one pitcher for their entire career.

The training methods that might work for you - won't work for another pitcher on your same team (and vice versa).

This is why The “NEW Athletic Pitcher”™ Program is customized to your exact needs and designed to grow along with you.

The NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program changes to meet your exact needs – now and in the future.

As you begin to enhance and grow as a player…

The “NEW Athletic Pitcher”™ Program will grow and change along with you...

It will keep challenging you...

Keep improving your velocity…

And it will help you gain even more command, mobility and strength with each day you train.

The NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program is completely different than any other pitching program on the market today.

Right now, the only option you have is to use either:

The tired, old conventional methods that only focuses on weight training, positioning and traditional thought processes

Enhanced pitching programs that work to help every pitcher with the SAME, ONE method.

But with the NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Training Program, you are going to get an entirely new approach.

YOU are going to develop your own, unique program that is custom-fit to your needs AND works to give you super-fast improvement in the areas you need it the most.

This complete pitching program covers everything from the functional warm-up, intensive tubing exercises, weighted ball training… all the way to the Bull Pen sets.

And it includes the most talked about new methodology in pitching today:  The “Big 5” pitching progression.

The NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program allows you to accurately pin-point what is constraining you from becoming an exceptional pitcher.

Through the use of The “NEW Athletic Pitcher”™ Program, you are going to discover EXACTLY what you need to improve your game – without losing any of your “magic”.

And you are going to get the focused drills, exercises and tactics that will address these constraints – head on- and allow you to improve your game (and become the strongest, fastest and most accurate pitcher you can possibly become.

“Cody was first clocked at 78-80 mph. Cody was also going to a chiropractor on a consistent basis for his back.

Coach Wolforth discussed with us a plan to develop Cody as a complete pitcher, to improve his velocity, and improve his functional strength.

Fourteen months later Cody was clocked at 92 mph and confidence in his changeup and curveball, and no longer needed a chiropractor due to his improvement in his functional strength. Coach Wolforth and his program were a God send for myself and my son.”

Chuck Lott
Spring, TX

Let Me Give You an Example of How The “NEW Athletic Pitcher”™ Program Works...pitching training

I’m going to use a solid, high school pitcher for this example.

This guy knows how to pitch, he can get people out... but he struggles to get noticed because of his velocity.

So he uses the program and diagnoses the specific constraints that are holding him back. He follows the custom training program… and in just 3 months he is pitching with the velocity he needs.

Now this same athlete goes back to the drawing board because he wants to improve his stability and create a more repeatable delivery so he can maximize the use of his new velocity.

And maybe the next 3 months he works on his strength… or his mental game... or his breaking ball.

But every 3 months this pitcher continues to improve and evolve into a power-house of a player.

And this is exactly how The “NEW Athletic Pitcher”™ Program works.

You will just continue to take step after step.

And you will continue to make constant and steady improvements.

But the best thing about The “NEW Athletic Pitcher”™ Program is that at anytime during your training you can identify your specific constraints and develop the exact training program you need.

With The “NEW Athletic Pitcher”™ Program you WILL make constant and steady improvements with each passing day – faster than you ever thought possible.

MLB Scouts Always Say, “You Can’t Teach Velocity”
But the dirty little secret is that THEY can't teach velocity.

And let's be fair here... they don't have the time to teach you and train you to become a star player.
And really, it's not their job to teach pitchers how to throw harder, for longer - and more accurately! 

College coaches and MLB scouts aren't looking for guys with great potential... or guys with a lot of heart. They are looking for guys who have “it”.

And if YOU want the right people to take notice of YOU… then YOU have to put in the work and improve your pitching abilities before they ever lay eyes on you. (or else they will just skip right over you and move on to the next guy).

But the biggest mistake any pitcher can make is to use a “one-size-fits-all” program.

It's not just a mistake, it can KILL your game.

Let me give you an example...

When you go to the Doctor, they don't just write you a generic prescription and send you on your way.. They take the time to find out WHAT is exactly making you sick... and THEN write a prescription based on your symptoms, your needs and maybe even your allergies. 

The SAME THING applies here.

When a pitcher isn't exceptional on the mound... there is a reason. And it's usually a very specific reason that is unique to that one player.

Just like a Dr. that prescribes Penicillin to every patient – for every illness... you are going to have some patients that penicillin will work perfectly for. You are going to have some patients that penicillin does nothing for... and you are going to have some patients (people that are allergic) that penicillin can be dangerous and even deadly for.

You simply CAN NOT give 10 different pitchers the same training program and expect it to fix all their unique problems.

Some guys will get the results... some guys will see no improvement at all... and some guys are going to change their game so much to fit into the “one-size-fits-all” box, that they actually lose their “magic” and go backwards!

That is why The NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program teaches you to ask, “what exactly is constraining ME from becoming exceptional?”

Then it allows you to diagnose your problems and create a powerfully unique and highly accurate training program to address (and improve) each issue.

“It is truly a new but not just new for “new sake”. It’s new because it is a better way to teach/learn about pitching.”

Don Spore
College Coach, IA

The "New Athletic Pitcher™" Program has proven to be a fantastic resource as I
work with young ball players and help them reach their goals and potential. Upon receiving this series I updated the small group and private lesson program I was implementing with additional aspects.

Our 9U team even used the warm-up program found in this set prior to practices and games throughout this past season. Most of the training my fourteen year old has done this week is directly linked to information found in this program.

I also refer to this four DVD set as needed to get insights on new/additional exercises and ideas. I believe our players lose a little of their "drive" when they get bored doing the same exercises repeatedly.  This exhaustive resource enables me to tweak things and keep our program fresh as we are often able to perform a different exercise that provides the same function as the original.

The best part of all, could be the explanation of "why" which is a much more important question to ask, rather than "how". This is found throughout this set. When players understand the reason why they are to perform a certain task, there is a greater correlation with seeing them transfer these skills between the lines.

I strongly recommend this program to anyone that is seriously interested in helping their young prospect reach their goals of being the best player they can be."

Coach Jeff Johnson
Red Oak, TX

When you use a “One-Size-Fits-All” pitching program, you risk losing the MAGIC that makes YOU special.

I don't believe in forcing a generic training program on any pitcher – because I don't want to risk changing who you are as a pitcher... what makes YOU special as a pitcher.

I only want to give you a training program that will work WITH you to improve your natural abilities.

With The New Athletic Pitching Program we are going to find exactly what is holding YOU back from becoming an exceptional pitcher... whether it's velocity, mobility, command, flexibility, strength, mindset....

And then once you find those constants that are holding you back, THEN AND ONLY THEN we can begin to work on eliminating those constants and allow you to develop as an exceptional pitcher.

This is where the NEW Athletic Pitcher Pyramid™ comes into play.

I have developed a 6-level pyramid that has two purposes:

  1. It allows you to objectively measure and track your progress

  2. It is flexible enough to give you the exact level of training you need – at the exact time you need it.

Each level of the New Athletic Pitcher Pyramid will allow you to identify exactly what you need – what constraints are holding you back... and the drills, techniques and exercises that will transform you into an exceptional pitcher.

Level I: Fundamental Movement Constraints

Level II: Skill Specific Movement Constraints

Level III: Game Time Performance Constraints

Level IV: Developmental Constraints

Level V: Mental/Emotional Constraints

Level VI: Spiritual Constraints

And by working through these levels you can incorporate as much or as little training as you need in every area of your pitching game.

What Results Can I Achieve With The NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program?

Look, I know that RESULTS is name of the game. You don't want to start a program – or invest your money into a program – without knowing what results you are going to achieve.

But I can't give you a laundry list of results and promise that you will achieve it. Instead, I am going to ask you a question...

What Do You Need?

  • What are the areas that you need to improve?

  • Where are you falling short in your pitching performance?

  • What are the constraints that are holding you back from being an exceptional pitcher?

The answers to these questions will determine your path through The NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program.

I CAN tell you that the NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program has helped pitchers just like you gain an average of 6.7 mph in JUST 12 weeks

And some pitchers improved 12 + miles per hour in less than a year!

And since you are going to take the time to diagnose each problem – and discover exactly what level of training you need in each individual areas... you are going to get results FAST!

You are going to pin-point the individual constraints that are preventing you from becoming an exceptional pitcher

We aren't going to waste any time. You are going to diagnose and then you are going to get to work.

And you are going to be able to see REAL results REAL fast!

The NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program provides you with your own, unique training program that incorporates the drills, the arm care and the techniques YOU need to take your game to that next level (and grab the attention of elite leagues, coaches and MLB scouts)...

Together we are going to create a complete training program that addresses WHO YOU ARE RIGHT NOW as a pitcher.

NO “one-size-fits-all” training...

NO useless drills that waste your time...

NO training methods or techniques that won't help you improve your ability and skill level...

With the NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program, you will have all the tools and all the guidance you need to develop a powerful, laser-focused training program custom-built FOR YOU.

The NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program is a complete pitching program that covers everything from the:

  • functional warm-up

  • intensive tubing exercises

  • weighted ball training

  • all the way to the Bull Pen sets

And it includes the most talked about methodology in pitching today: the “Backshaping” pitching progression which includes our “Big 5” throwing drills.

  • If you are struggling with Velocity...THIS is what your custom training will address.

  • If you are lacking command and need to increase your strike percentage... THIS is what your custom training program will address.

  • If you need to reduce arm soreness or pain… THIS is what your custom training will address.

  • If you need to be more durable or throw harder for longer… THIS is what your custom training program will address.

But the most important aspect of the NEW Athletic Pitcher™ is that it will grow with you.

As you become a more athletic and dynamic pitcher...

As your performance improves on the mound...

You will need to tweak your training program so that you are constantly addressing the RIGHT problems and issues...

So that you are constantly challenging yourself and growing as a player...


Are You Ready To Get Started?

Right now you have the opportunity to put the NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program to work for you. Together we will...

  • Evaluate your current status

  • Identify the individual constraints that are holding you back from being an exceptional pitcher

  • Create a powerfully unique and highly accurate training program to address (and improve) each issue...

  • ...without handicapping your game or losing any of your “magic”

And you will start seeing results instantly!

When you order the NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program, you will receive:

DVD #1
The Athletic Pitcher Pyramid™

DVD #2
Warm-up / Wake-up & Arm Care

DVD #3

“The Big 5” Throwing Drills

DVD #4

Building a Bigger Motor

Companion Manual
The New Athletic Pitcher™

The Pitching Central’s Guarantee To You…
Your 1-Year 100% No Questions Asked Satisfaction Guarantee.

I want you to order the NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program and put it to the test.

I want you to see the results, see what everyone is talking about and use this program to transform yourself into a truly exceptional pitcher... and I want you to do it all without any risk.

In fact, you have a full year and put it all to the test.

If after 1 year you do not feel the program was of exceptional value to you, send it back! We’ll refund 100% of your money with absolutely no questions asked. You simply can’t beat that.

In fact, you won't find this kind of guarantee from any other baseball book or video you’ve ever or will ever purchase. We believe that strongly in the program we can make such a guarantee. The program is simply that good and this guarantee is our way to prove it to you today.

Your Free Bonus Gifts:

You now have a terrific opportunity to take advantage of the “Special Bonus” I am offering for you today.

Bonus #1
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With this membership you will receive a copy of Coach Wolforth's monthly newsletter “Pitching with Confidence: Get 3 Before They Get 1”, This monthly newsletter contains the most current pitching information available today.

You'll also receive the monthly Exclusive "Inner Circle" audio CD interview with experts from around the country and you'll receive a weekly email from Coach Wolforth.

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On this audio CD entitled, “Trevor Bauer Talks Training” you will get an inside look of some of the ups and downs Trevor faced on his way to becoming the NCAA’s single season strike-out record holder as well as the #3 overall draft selection by the Arizona Diamondbacks.

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It's Time For You To Make A Decision...

You already know that there is no “one-size-fits-all” program that will work to give you the results you need... and you probably have discovered this the hard way.

  • You are tired of falling short on the pitching mound...

  • You are tired of letting little, completely FIXABLE problems hold you back from reaching your true potential...

  • You are tired of training for months without seeing any real results...

  • You are tired of being told that you simply don't have the skills you need to play at that next level (because you KNOW you do!)

And you are ready to...

  • Add 6.7 MPH to your pitch in only 12 weeks!

  • Develop more velocity!

  • Speed-up your learning curve and get real results FAST!

  • Shortening your recovery time!

  • Ensure that your arm is prepared to handle the work load placed upon you during your season and your entire career!

All you have to do is click the link below.

It will cost you more money by waiting - and more importantly, it could cost you a few MPH at the very least... and at the most it will cost you the chance to play at that next level. 

I hope you don't miss this opportunity to be on the cutting edge of pitching training.

Order The “NEW Athletic Pitcher”™ Program:

$597.00+ S&H

Special Reduced Price:
$249.00+ S&H

You will receive:

  • DVD #1: The Athletic Pitcher Pyramid™

  • DVD #2: Warm-up / Wake-up & Arm Care

  • DVD #3: “The Big 5” Throwing Drills

  • DVD #4: Building a Bigger Motor

  • The New Athletic Pitcher™ Companion Manual

  • Free Bonus #1: A 2-Month FREE Membership to Coach Wolforth's Pitching Central Inner Circle (a $90 Value)

  • Free Bonus #2: Audio CD interview with Coach Wolforth and 2011 Golden Spikes Award Winner Trevor Bauer (a $19.95 Value)

  • A Full, 1-Year, No Questions Asked Guarantee

$597.00+ S&H
Today Reduced To $249.00+ S&H

P.S. If you’re hesitating at all because of the price think about this... You’ve gone out and purchased a glove or a bat for over $150. But all the equipment isn't of any use to you if you aren't playing at your maximum potential.

This program is worth so much more than the price you pay today.

The NEW Athletic Pitcher™ Program can give you the chance to take your baseball career to a whole, new level and transform you into the pitcher with “it”.

To order any of the equipment used in "The Athletic Pitcher" Program please visit
or you can contact Robert Oates by phone at (936) 295-4459.

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